Picture this; You’ve just signed your lease and taken the keys to your new apartment. You’re overjoyed with excitement! Move in day has arrived, and as you enter your new suite for the very first time you’re faced with a big, blank canvas that you now need to paint.  

Decorating can feel overwhelming — especially when it’s for your first apartment and likely your first time doing it from top to bottom in your own space. Take a look at these 5 tips to help make your decorating journey fun, unique, and on budget! 

1 – Create a gallery wall 

Use empty wall space to fill with photos or prints. Simple black frames can create an eye-catching display or use thrifted frames to create something a little more unique! Fill your gallery wall with your favourite prints or create something yourself! 

2 – Keep it neutral 

Consider a neutral colour pallet for your larger furniture pieces like sofa and dinning sets. This will assist in keeping your space looking chic and up to date as seasons and trends change without breaking the bank. If you’re really craving bold colours and prints, consider adding smaller accessories to brighten up your space like throw pillows or  

3 – Add some greenery  

Plants are an excellent way to add some colour and life to your space! Snake plants (Dracaena trifasciata), Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii) and ZZ plants (Zanzibar Gem) are a few great options that require little care and thrive in low light. Take it one step further with a trendy plant pot and watch your space transform!  

4 – Consider a DIY project 

You would be surprised to learn just how easy some of your favourite décor pieces are to recreate yourself at home! Linear sculptures, round shapes and textured pieces can all be created with little to no experience and bring a different sense of pride to your home. Consider sourcing a few pieces that you have your eye on and take a moment to search Google or YouTube for a tutorial on how to recreate it.  

5 – Be creative with rugs 

Rugs are a really useful element for decorating an apartment, not only giving you a bit more control over the flooring situation (a particular help when renting an apartment), but also a tool for defining your layout. Use rugs to bring in textures to your space and to tie everything all together.